Commercial Exterior

commercial exterior painting ice cream shop store front Bernardsville, chatham, denville, Madison

Gemstar Painting LLC is your local commercial painting company. We can be relied upon to deliver high quality exterior commercial painting.   We have extensive knowledge of products and applications and our staff are safe, polite and easy to work with.  We are willing to work around your schedule to minimize your businesses down time. The picture to the left shows work we did on an ice cream shop.  They didn’t want to lose customers during the renovation so we did as much work as possible before they opened. The rest of the day we worked around customers coming and going and managed to have very little impact on business as usual.

commercial exterior painting restaurant, bar, pub chatham, Madison, mendham, denville, morristown

Not every building needs a full repaint. Gemstar Painting LLC can help you determine the degree of painting necessary.  Preventative maintenance is essential for the longevity of even the highest quality paints.  In the picture to the right our crew re-painted the exterior of this local pub to keep this store front looking its best.

commercial exterior painting office building chatham, morristown, Madison, Randolph, denville

In the picture to the left we painted the exterior of this newly constructed office building.  It was one of three new buildings in this office park that we painted.

Commercial Interior

commercial interior painting Bernardsville, Madison, chatham, mendham, morristown, Randolph,

Gemstar Painting LLC is your local interior and exterior commercial painting company.  We can help protect and enhance your commercial property.  We are fast, efficient and willing to work around your schedule to minimize your businesses downtime.  We work wonderfully in a contractor/subcontractor relationship and can be relied upon to meet specifications and deadlines.  The picture to the left shows a room in a project we worked on for a boutique hotel.

commercial interior painting paint store chatham, Bernardsville, Madison, Morristown, Randolph

We offer a variety of high performing industrial finishes to meet the needs of demanding environments.  If odor is a concern there are many high quality, low/zero VOC paints on the market today.  In the picture to the right we are using a tough, Zero VOC paint on the walls, ceilings and pipes of this facility.

commercial interior painting restaurant, bar, pub Morristown, chatham, denville, Madison, randolph

Gemstar Painting is your local Commercial & Residential Painter. Our goal is to provide our clients with long lasting, high quality paint jobs.  From prep to finish, each application is executed with care and integrity. We pride ourselves on utilizing the finest methods, materials, and equipment, so that our clients can rest assured knowing they have extended the life, beauty, and value of their business or home.  Contact Gemstar Painting today to discuss how we can help.

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